29 Apr 2014

Convicted killer Gosnell to appeal

1:53 pm on 29 April 2014

The man convicted of killing Christchurch teenager Hayden Miles is challenging his conviction and sentence, saying his lawyer did not act in his best interests.

The 15-year-old was beaten to death and dismembered by Gavin Gosnell at his flat in August 2011, before his remains were buried in graves in two Christchurch cemeteries.

Gosnell told the Court of Appeal Tuesday morning, via a video link from prison, he should have been allowed to give evidence at his trial.

He says he wanted to take the stand to apologise to Mr Miles' family, challenge the evidence of a witness whos name is suppressed, and give his version of events.

Gosnell claims his trial lawyer denied him the right to take the stand, despite numerous requests to do so.

But the Crown says Gosnell's lawyer did not want him take the stand because of statements he had made to police, that he would have to answer to.

The decision is expected to be reserved.