3 Dec 2019

Colin Craig and Jordan Williams reach confidential settlement

12:08 pm on 3 December 2019

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has received an apology from Jordan Williams as part of a confidential settlement that brings an end to their long-running legal saga.

Jordan Williams (left) and Colin Craig

Jordan Williams (left) and Colin Craig Photo: Supplied

The pair went to court over comments made in the fallout from the 2014 election and the sudden resignation of Mr Craig's press secretary, Rachel MacGregor.

The case first went to court in 2016 and most recently the Supreme Court ordered a retrial on Mr Williams' defamation claim.

That will not go ahead after they reached a confidential settlement.

In the apology, Mr Williams said he deeply regretted what happened and he would make a payment to Mr Craig.

"I am now aware that a number of statements I made to others about Mr Craig were not true," Mr Williams said.

"I deeply regret what has happened and my involvement in spreading those allegations. I apologise to Mr Craig and his family unreservedly."

Mr Craig said he had accepted the apology and they had both agreed to end legal proceedings against each other.

"This apology and payment allows both parties to move on," Mr Craig said.

Mr Craig has ongoing court cases involving both Ms MacGregor and the former Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater.