30 Oct 2018

Beyond the Beehive: What the govt should do about mental health

1:18 pm on 30 October 2018

One Year On - What do people who have experienced mental illness think the government should do after the Mental Health Inquiry?

Beyond the Beehive - mental health

Beyond the Beehive - mental health Photo: RNZ / Luke McPake

Quite suddenly, about 15 years ago, Southland farmer Lindsay Wright stopped his tractor in the middle of a paddock and began to weep uncontrollably.

He says he'd been fighting back feelings of despair for too long: "I just knew I had to talk to somebody about it."

In the latest episode of video series Beyond the Beehive, reporter Max Towle and cameraperson Luke McPake travel to Southland to explore regional New Zealand's reputation for deep stoicism and to ask what its impact is on people's mental health.

In the year since the coalition government has been in power it's talked of prioritising mental health and has carried out an inquiry.

But what should the government do now to support people like Lindsay?

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