23 Oct 2018

'They're living in cow sheds, buses, lean-tos, caravans'

5:42 pm on 23 October 2018

Ask Ricky Houghton, of He Korowai Trust, about New Zealand's housing situation and he'll tell you this: "They're living in cow sheds, buses, lean-tos, caravans and over-crowded situations".

But has the situation improved in the the 12 months since the coalition government came to power?

Last year reporter Max Towle travelled the length of New Zealand to gauge the national mood ahead of the election for the video series Beyond the Beehive. Now, as part of RNZ's One Year On series, he's checking the nation's pulse again.

In the first episode, he asks New Zealanders, including Houghton, whose Trust runs a Whare Ora rent-to-buy housing develoment in Northland, about the housing crisis.

Watch here: