22 Jun 2018

Prime Minister's baby wrapped up warm in gifts from family, public

9:50 pm on 22 June 2018

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's newborn baby is already making use of gifts that her mother received from family and the public.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford with their baby girl.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford with their baby girl. Photo: Supplied

Ms Ardern's office said the shawl wrapped around her daughter in the photograph on her social media post was knitted by Clarke Gayford's mother.

The hat was knitted by a member of the public and the blanket seen around Ms Ardern's shoulders is a gift from Ngai Tahu.

The newborn baby has spent the day wrapped in that blanket, her office said.

It said everyone is happy and doing well, if not a bit tired.

Ms Ardern's parents said they have been in frequent contact with their daughter since the birth of her first child 24 hours ago.

Mr Ardern said he has been getting texts from his daughter in Auckland City Hospital, and his wife Laurell spoke to her on the phone several times.

He said the new parents were feeling comfortable and happy - and proud of their beautiful baby girl.

"A very active baby that kept her awake during the night, all of the things that parents get to experience so Jacinda also gets to experience that. I'm sure that ... as time goes on, they'll get more used to the effort it takes to raise a child," Mr Ardern said.

The family will be spending a second night at Auckland City Hospital.

The baby arrived at 4.45pm yesterday - weighing 3.31kg.

In a new Instagram post this afternoon, Ms Ardern and her baby posed for a picture with her midwife Libby, who made the PM macaroni and cheese this morning "because she heard me mention a wee craving yesterday".

Ms Ardern moved from the birthing suite on the ninth floor of the hospital to the maternity ward on the 10th floor at 8pm last night.

Nurses have described the baby as "very alert" and "one hungry baby", the office said.

Ms Ardern had Marmite on toast and a cup of milo for dinner last night, before going to sleep for a few hours.

RNZ understands some family members will be visiting the trio today.

Ms Ardern's father Ross Ardern said the family was "absolutely ecstatic" for the couple and "very happy that we have this new addition to our family".

The baby was one of 24 born yesterday at Auckland City Hospital.

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