Watch: Labour left out of Greens' Northcote decision

10:33 am on 26 April 2018

The Green Party did not consult with Labour before announcing it would stand a candidate in the Northcote by-election, a decision it says shows maturity.

Watch co-leader Marama Davidson in the Auckland Studio:

The party announced on Tuesday that it would stand a candidate in the Northcote by-election set to take place on 9 June.

The seat is up for grabs following the resignation of National's Jonathan Coleman, who won it with a 9664-vote majority at last year's general election.

Co-leader Marama Davidson told Morning Report the Greens had not spoken to the Labour Party about the decision to stand.

"No. That's appropriate decision making with the party processes, and so views gathered from all around the country and eventually the executive of our party made that decision," she said.

She agreed it was partly a strategic move about being able to differentiate the party from Labour.

"We're an independent political party and it's important for us to take this opportunity to talk about our positions on political issues.

"I guess if that's what strategic is, yes. And particularly because the local branches, our local Greens, were very much in favour of us standing in this election."

"And it is important for people to understand what are our independent political positions on the many issues facing people at the moment."

The Greens have not announced who their candidate would be, but they would be running against Dan Bidois from the National Party and Shanan Halbert from Labour.

Ms Davidson said it was important for the Green Party to stand in by-elections, and noted that if Mr Bidois won the seat back for National it would not change the make-up of the government.

"So it's an opportunity for us as a minor, as a smaller party, to talk about what do we stand for," she said.

"There's housing, health on the North Shore, water. Those are the issues we'll be talking about."

"We can only run our campaign and give the voters that choice. All other political party campaigns will be up to them.

Ms Davidson said there was a process to go through in selecting their candidate, but it was hoped that would be done quickly.

"Of course we'll be wanting to select a candidate as soon as possible and hit the ground running with our campaign.

She said she did not have confirmation of whether Rebekah Jaung, who ran for the seat in September but gained only 2400 votes, would be putting her name forward again.

"And I won't pre-empt the process, but she may very well be interested and put her name forward."

The ACT Party is still considering whether to put forward a candidate.

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