21 Oct 2017

New PM tells Aussie journo how to say her last name

3:01 pm on 21 October 2017

An Australian radio journalist has been boasting on social media after getting Jacinda Ardern to personally confirm how she pronounces her name.

Jacinda Ardern

An Australian journalist was surprised he was able to get an answer to a minor question from Jacinda Ardern herself. Photo: AFP

Tiger Webb, who works with Radio National, part of ABC Radio in Australia, said he had heard the name pronounced in several different ways on air.

So he rang the New Zealand Parliament to find someone to give him the correct pronunciation, and was put straight through to Ms Ardern herself.

He said he was surprised that he was able to get the answer to a minor question from Ms Ardern herself.

Mr Webb said he thanked the Labour leader and congratulated her.

A Twitter thread about this has been joined by the former Prime Minister Helen Clark who tweeted in response, "that's New Zealand!".

And for the record, the correct pronunciation is "AH-durn".

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