11 Sep 2017

Advance voting starts today

9:57 am on 11 September 2017

The Electoral Commission is predicting that up to 50 percent of voters will cast their ballot before election day this year.

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Advance voting begins today, and the chief electoral officer Alicia Wright said there would be more places to cast an early ballot than ever before.

The commission has made 485 advance voting booths available, up from 295 in 2014, and booths are now available in shopping malls.

Voting will available in the international departure lounge at Wellington and Christchurch airports from 16 September and the international departure lounge of Auckland Airport from 18 September.

Ms Wright said more people than ever were expected to cast an early vote.

"We're providing a better service than we ever have. What we've seen in the 2014 election was that it had doubled - it had gone from 15 percent 2011 to 30 percent in 2014.

"We're anticipating that it is going to be up to 50 percent this election."

People will also be able to enrol, check or update their details at any advance voting place, so they'll be able to enrol and vote in one go.

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