30 May 2017

Young women candidates move up Green Party list

11:30 am on 30 May 2017

Former Auckland mayoral candidate Chloe Swarbrick and lawyer Golriz Ghahraman have moved up the rankings in the Green Party's final list for this year's general election.

Golriz Ghahraman, left, and Chloe Swarbrick.

Golriz Ghahraman, left, and Chloe Swarbrick. Photo: Supplied / RNZ

The draft list was voted on by party members, who made it clear they wanted more young women in Parliament.

The former Auckland mayoral candidate, Chloe Swarbrick, has jumped from number 13 on the list to number 9.

Auckland-based lawyer Golriz Ghahraman has moved five places up to number 10.

The broadcaster, Hayley Holt, jumped from number 29 on the list to number 17, though on current polling she would still not make it into Parliament.

Most current MPs remained close to their place on the initial list, apart from Kennedy Graham, who went up three places to number 8, and Mojo Mathers, who went down three to 11.

Co-leader James Shaw said the list reflected "21st century Aotearoa New Zealand".

"Chloe Swarbrick will become New Zealand's youngest MP in 42 years. In Jack McDonald we have one of Te Ao Māori's leading young voices, Pasifika candidate Teanau Tuiono is a noted activist and expert on climate change, and human rights lawyer Golriz Gharhraman will become Parliament's first MP who came to New Zealand as a refugee."

Green Party list:

1 Metiria Turei

2 James Shaw

3 Marama Davidson

4 Julie Anne Genter

5 Eugenie Sage

6 Gareth Hughes

7 Jan Logie

8 Kennedy Graham

9 Chloe Swarbrick

10 Golriz Ghahraman

11 Mojo Mathers

12 Barry Coates

13 Jack McDonald

14 John Hart

15 Denise Roche

16 David Clendon

17 Hayley Holt

18 Teall Crossen

19 Teanau Tuiono

20 Leilani Tamu