2 Apr 2017

Young candidates elevated in Green Party list

7:00 pm on 2 April 2017

The Green Party has placed two people in their early 20s in prominent places on its draft party list for the September election.

Chlöe Swarbrick

Green Party candidate Chloe Swarbrick Photo: Luke McPake/The Wireless

In its initial party list, put together by delegates and candidates, Kapiti Coast resident Jack McDonald, 23, is in 9th position.

He has the highest slot of anyone not currently a MP.

Chloe Swarbrick, 22, who came third in last year's Auckland mayoral race is placed at 13.

Based on current polling they would both be elected to Parliament.

"I am delighted that we have very strong representation from throughout the country, including Auckland," Green Party co-leader James Shaw said.

"And with two candidates in their twenties in our top 20, we will be a very strong voice for young people.

The top slots were given to party co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw.

Finance spokesperson Julie Anne Genter went from 7 to 3 and Māori development spokesperson Marama Davidson jumped from 13 to 4.

Immigration and Ethnic Affairs spokesperson Denise Roche fell from 11 to 14.

The lowest ranked current MP was tourism spokesperson David Clendon at 16.

Human rights lawyer Golriz Ghahraman entered the list at number 15 and high-profile athlete and TV presenter Hayley Holt is on 29.

The Greens currently have 14 MPs.

The list is still to be voted on by party members.

'Our generation are disaffected with politics as usual'

Mr McDonald said he was honoured with his high placing on the list.

"It does really demonstrate that the Green Party is fundamentally committed to youth representation, but I would also say, in both Chloe's case and my case, we bring a lot more than our youth."

They both had quite a bit of political experience, he said.

"Our generation are disaffected with politics as usual, and they're looking for unapologetic advocates to champion their issues."

If he got into parliament he would focus on extending educational opportunities and bringing economic stability to young people, he said.

And a human rights lawyer has high hopes of being the first ever refugee to enter Parliament, after placed at number 15.

Golriz Ghahraman was already ahead of one current sitting MP, David Clendon.

She left Iran as a nine year old, escaping persecution and war.

"The opportunity for me to one day enter parliament proves that, even as insular, intolerant governments rise to power elsewhere, we in New Zealand know that diversity is our strength," Ms Ghahraman said.

2017 initial Green Party election list:

1 Metiria Turei

2 James Shaw

3 Julie Anne Genter

4 Marama Davidson

5 Eugenie Sage

6 Jan Logie

7 Gareth Hughes

8 Mojo Mathers

9 Jack McDonald

10 Barry Coates

11 Kennedy Graham

12 John Hart

13 Chloe Swarbrick

14 Denise Roche

15 Golriz Ghahraman

16 David Clendon

17 Teanau Tuiono

18 Leilani Tamu

19 Teall Crossen

20 Chris Perley

21 Dr Elizabeth Kerekere

22 Sam Taylor

23 Matt Lawrey

24 Susanne Ruthven

25 Ricardo Menendez-March

26 Richard Leckinger

27 Thomas Nash

28 Kate Fulton

29 Hayley Holt

30 Ash Holwell

31 Tane Woodley

32 Julie Zhu

33 Robin McCandless

34 Stefan Grand-Meyer

35 Jo Wrigley

36 Dora Langsbury

37 Niki Bould

38 Scott Summerfield

39 Richard Wesley

40 Rochelle Surendran

41 Bridget Walsh

42 Shane Gallagher

43 Rachael Goldsmith

44 Guy Hunt

45 James Goodhue

46 Patrick Wall

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