31 Jan 2016

Labour sets sights on State of the Nation

12:59 pm on 31 January 2016

Labour Party leader Andrew Little will deliver his State of the Nation address in Auckland this afternoon.

Labour party leader Andrew Little during caucus run.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

It will be the fourth and final of the scene-setting speeches by political party leaders this week.

The Greens and New Zealand First delivered their State of the Nation speeches on Tuesday, and Prime Minister John Key gave his the following day.

Labour will release most of its major policy during this year, a move it said would give voters a firm idea of what the party stands for before next year's general election.

Mr Little is expected to use today's speech to set out Labour's priorities for the year, and also to announce new policy.

The speech, which is scheduled for 1pm, is expected to include a focus on education and will sit alongside the party's Future of Work programme.