10 Feb 2015

Woodhouse won't comment on Sabin case

1:13 pm on 10 February 2015

Police Minister Michael Woodhouse is still refusing to say if, or when, he was briefed by the Police Commissioner on the Mike Sabin matter.

Michael Woodhouse

Michael Woodhouse Photo: RNZ / Jane Patterson

But he said he was confident he had handled the situation appropriately.

Mr Sabin resigned as Northland MP saying he had personal issues that would be best dealt with outside Parliament, on 30 January.

Prime Minister John Key said it was 1 December when he first heard of the matters that led to Mr Sabin's resignation.

Mr Woodhouse would not say whether he was informed by the police earlier than that.

"Look I don't have any comment to make about the communications, from time-to-time I get briefings from the commissioner, those briefings are confidential and I don't intend to breach those confidences."

Mike Sabin

Mike Sabin Photo: Mike Sabin / Facebook

Mr Woodhouse said he passes on a range of matters to the Prime Minister as required.

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