27 Jan 2015

Key and Little to give State of the Nation

2:14 pm on 27 January 2015

Prime Minister John Key and Labour Party leader Andrew Little are both giving their annual State of the Nation speeches this week as the political year gets under way.

Andrew Little (L) and John Key

Labour leader Andrew Little (left) and Prime Minister John Key. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Mr Little said he would set out the policy direction he wanted his party to take, laying out the areas Labour believed were a priority and looking at how to overcome growing inequality.

"The party's view is if we genuinely want to grow and develop, it can't just be economic growth for its own sake," he said.

"It's got to be an aspect of sharing and fair distribution in it, and we've taken our eye off that I think for far too long - so that will feature amongst the sort of things I say."

Mr Little said he would talk about what needed to be done to the economy.

"My focus will be about jobs and then secondly about good-quality jobs, so good pay, good conditions," he said.

He was not fazed by the first poll of the year from Roy Morgan Research showing Labour's support remained as low as it was at last year's election, he said.

Mr Key is overseas but a spokesperson said his speech would focus on improving the availability and management of social housing.

Both leaders will give their speeches in Auckland on Wednesday.

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