20 Oct 2014

Labour needs bold ideas says Ardern

8:31 am on 20 October 2014

The Labour MP Jacinda Ardern says the party's policies at last month's election were not bad ideas but they weren't sold well to the public.

Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda Ardern. Photo: LABOUR PARTY

Ms Ardern said she can help build connections with New Zealanders again if she was chosen as the party's deputy leader.

One of the four contenders for the Labour leadership, Grant Robertson, launched his leadership campaign in Auckland yesterday, and announced Ms Ardern as his running mate.

She said Labour needed to tackle issues with bold ideas.

"It is about making sure that we build those connections again, that when people look at Labour they see the answers to some of the issues that they're facing in their lives.

"But I also think that we've got some big generational challenges, issues like climate change, growing inequality, these are all things that the next generation of politicians have to tackle with really bold ideas."

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