27 Aug 2014

Peter Dunne confident in Ohariu

11:02 am on 27 August 2014

United Future leader and government support partner Peter Dunne is confident he will retain his seat at the election.

Mr Dunne has held the northern Wellington seat of Ohariu for 30 years but at least one political opponent thinks he is vulnerable this time.

Peter Dunne, National's Brett Hudson and Labour candidate Virginia Andersen.

Peter Dunne, National's Brett Hudson and Labour candidate Virginia Andersen. Photo: SUPPLIED / RNZ

Last month, Prime Minister John Key signalled to voters to keep Mr Dunne as the MP in Ohariu and give their party vote to National.

National's pick for the electorate, Brett Hudson, said he had spent much of his time clarifying National's position in the area.

"This election particulary in Ohariu is not about me, it's about returning a National-led government, and I'm extremely focused on the conversations that are solely about that."

Labour's candidate Virginia Andersen said her mesage that it is time for someone with more energy who can relate more directly to people with young families, resonates with voters.

"It's been thirty years - people feel like he's had a good innings, that he's had a fair go," she said of Mr Dunne.

The United Future leader said despite being the incumbent in the Ohariu seat since 1984, he takes nothing for granted and still has much he wants to achieve.

"I want to pursue our income-sharing policy for parents raising dependant children, I think that's very tax-friendly for them.

"For those who are the other end of the scale, so to speak, approaching retirement, flexi super. In this area I want to see through things like the Transmission Gully motorway."

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