24 Jul 2014

Labour promises to review broadband

6:09 pm on 24 July 2014

The Labour Party has promised to review the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband and introduce tougher laws to protect copyright on the internet if it leads the next government.

It said it would improve access to broadband in the regions and also make it more available to low-income communities.

David Cunliffe.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has committed to a review of ultra-fast broadband if his party leads the next government. Photo: RNZ

Labour leader David Cunliffe said the Government's ultra-fast broadband project had been very expensive but the uptake of broadband was worthy of derision.

"All of those issues, including the impact on that slow uptake of the profitability of the business models of those involved, including Chorus, would be the subject of a major review," he said.

Labour said it would modernise the regulations governing telecommunications so that there's greater certainty for industry, businesses and consumers.

The party's information, commununications and technology spokesperson Clare Curran said that would include changes to copyright laws.

"Ultimately, this is around consumers accessing content and doing it legally but being able to do it in real-time and at an affordable price," she said.

Labour would also introduce a Digital Bill of Rights to protect the rights of people online.