20 Jul 2014

Dotcom says revelations unequivocal

6:02 pm on 20 July 2014

Kim Dotcom says his promised pre-election revelations are unequivocal and black and white, but he does not expect the Prime Minister to resign over them.

Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom. Photo: AFP

Around 300 people turned up to listen to Mr Dotcom and other speakers from the Internet-Mana Party including Annette Sykes, John Minto and Hone Harawira at their roadshow in Auckland on Sunday afternoon.

Kim Dotcom has promised to reveal new information about Prime Minister, John Key, and the Government Communications Security Bureau, five days before the general election in September.

"I don't think he would resign, I think he is going to put a spin on it as he usually does and I have no expectation of him doing the honourable thing."

Mr Dotcom said Glenn Greenwald, a journalist behind the Edward Snowden leaks, would be the guest speaker at the announcement in two months time.