12 Mar 2010

Study shows widespread poverty in French Polynesia

9:12 am on 12 March 2010

A study in French Polynesia has found that despite a generally high level of incomes, 55,000 people live in poverty.

The study carried out on behalf of the French Development Agency found that 28 percent of the population is poor, defined as having just over 1,000 US dollars a month per family unit.

It found that the gap between the rich and poor was as wide as in Latin American countries, with the the top 20 percent of households getting half the territory's total income, while the poorest 20 percent get just six percent.

The report notes that French Polynesia has no unemployment benefit and no income tax as possible ways to lessen the discrepancies.

It says this has an impact on the social cohesion and is shown in violence and inequality.