LynnMall attack: Three still in ICU, one released from hospital

5:45 pm on 5 September 2021

One of the seven people injured in the terror attack at LynnMall on Friday has been released from hospital.

Police outside Countdown at LynnMall on September 5.

Police outside the scene of the attack today. Photo: Liu Chen

Three people remain in a critical but stable condition in intensive care at Auckland City Hospital, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said at this afternoon's media briefing.

One other person in Auckland City Hospital remains stable, while a fifth person was discharged from Middlemore Hospital and is recovering at home.

Two other people are also recovering in their homes.

All of those who were injured in the attack were shopping at the supermarket.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged the victims of the attack on social media with an Instagram post saying "this was an attack by an individual, not a culture, not a religion or an ethnicity, but an individual who was gripped by an ideology that is not supported by anyone here".

"I know New Zealand you will be kind, please wrap your arms around all of our victims," Ardern said.

At this afternoon's media briefing, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said the authorities are not looking for anyone else in connection with the attack.

He thanked those who dealt with the incident.

One of the people injured in the terror attack has been released from Middlemore Hospital. Photo:

Robertson said essential workers had already been working under stressful lockdown conditions in Auckland.

"That's why we're all the more grateful for the essential workers who responded to the terrorist attack on Friday. Paramedics from St Johns who were first on the scene and provided critical emergency care, doctors and nurses from Auckland and Middlemore hospitals already stretched with Covid patients who undertook emergency surgery on victims."

He also acknowledged the Countdown and other supermarket workers across the country who are operating under a lot of pressure.

"Next time you're in the supermarket please be kind and say thank you to those that are serving you."

MP concerned about rise in online abuse

The Green Party said it has noticed a huge ramping up of online abuse aimed at refugees and migrants, following Friday's terror attack in Auckland.

It has been revealed authorities spent four years trying to have the terrorist's refugee status revoked, believing it had been fraudulently obtained.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman said the online abuse lumping all migrants and refugees in with this attacker is abhorrent.

She said it must be remembered the reason so many have come here in the first place, is to escape these sorts of attacks in their own countries.

Sri Lankan New Zealander Chula Rajapakse said the terrorist should be referred to as 'Isis-inspired', not by his country of birth, as it puts an unfair focus on other Sri Lankans.

Rajapakse, who is a spokesperson for the United Sri Lanka Association, said the terrorist's views have nothing to do with his country of origin.

He said most Sri Lankans are peaceful Buddhists who worry they will be threatened by people reacting to the LynnMall attack.

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