LynnMall terror attack: How the world saw it

11:29 am on 4 September 2021

The news that New Zealand police had shot dead a terrorist quickly made headlines around the world. Here's how overseas media saw the attack.

A man armed with a knife injured six shoppers before he was shot dead by police in an Auckland Countdown supermarket yesterday.

The BBC played it straight, quoting Jacinda Ardern on the attack: New Zealand PM Ardern says supermarket stabbing was 'terrorist attack'.

The piece quotes one of their journalists, Phil Mercer, with this analysis:

"This callous act in Auckland will stir painful memories of the deadly mosque attacks in Christchurch in 2019….The assailant had, for years, been identified as a threat to national security and was under 24-hour surveillance. The police acted decisively to prevent further carnage, but they weren't close enough to stop serious injuries. New terror laws could, however, allow volatile individuals to be detained in the future."

Meanwhile The Times included a graphic image, and says the attack "raised questions about the strength of the country's anti-terrorism laws."

CNN focussed on the ideology of the attacker, and, again, put terrorist attack in quotes: ISIS supporter shot dead by New Zealand police after shoppers stabbed in 'terrorist attack'. Fox News also lead on the ideology.

The AP also chose to add quotes, this time around 'terrorist': New Zealand police kill 'terrorist' after he stabs 6 people, while Al Jazerra headlined with Ardern's 'hateful and wrong' comments.

The AP piece quotes Sri Lanka's government expressing shock and sadness over the attack attributed to a person of Sri Lankan origin.

"Sri Lanka condemns this senseless violence, and stands ready to cooperate with New Zealand authorities in any way necessary," its Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka says the Foreign Ministry there was seeking more information from the New Zealand authorities over the incident and had yet to receive any details.

Time magazine pointed out New Zealand's 'strict lockdown': "Auckland is in a strict lockdown as it battles an outbreak of the coronavirus. Most businesses are shut and people are generally allowed to leave their homes only to buy groceries, for medical needs, or to exercise."

Across the Tasman, the Sydney Morning Herald focusses on the legal avenues, while the ABC quotes Jacinda Ardern saying "legal constraints prevented her from discussing everything that she wanted to about the case, but she was hoping to have those constraints lifted soon".