28 May 2024

NZTA announces more jobs on the line as part of cost-cutting

5:49 pm on 28 May 2024
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(file image) Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

The Transport Agency says another 38 jobs could go, on top of the 145 it has already proposed as part of wider public sector cost-cutting measures.

The agency is releasing job cut proposals in tranches - and on Tuesday, it announced a net reduction of 33 in its system leadership team, and five in its business support services team.

That takes its total job losses to 183.

More than 100 are from programmes canned or scaled back by the new government, like Clean Car Discount, Climate Emergency Response Fund, and Let's Get Wellington Moving.

Waka Kotahi's announcement also tips RNZ's calculation of total public sector job losses to more than 5000.

In a statement, Public Service Association (PSA) secretary Duane Leo said the cuts would affect roles which provide analysis and advice on road safety as well as environment and sustainability.

"The government says road safety is still a priority, so considering letting go the very people involved in modelling and providing the evidence on how we can reduce road deaths doesn't make sense," Leo said.

"At the same time the government wants bigger, faster roads despite the overwhelming need for New Zealanders to shift out of cars to other modes such as public transport and cycling if we are to tackle climate change effectively.

"What we are seeing day after day are reckless cuts which will damage the public services New Zealanders rely on, and all to fund tax cuts for landlords and others. It's just wrong that dedicated public servants are paying a price for this today."