22 Jun 2023

NZ not-for-profit 4 Day Week Global named among Time's most influential companies

7:46 pm on 22 June 2023
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New Zealand's 4 Day Week has made Time magazine's list of the world's most influential companies, but is yet to make waves in New Zealand.

Not-for-profit 4 Day Week Global, established in New Zealand and led by Andrew Barnes, made the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list, alongside global giants Apple, Microsoft, Disney and TikTok.

The shorter work week concept was developed and trailed by Barnes alongside Charlotte Lockhart at Perpetual Guardian in 2018. It reduced a 40-hour work week to 32 hours for the same pay and benefits.

Barnes said the shorter work week had found strong and growing support around the world.

"The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has gone to a four-day week. There has been legislation brought in to enable it in Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Belgium.

"There are government sponsored trials in Spain, Portugal. There are pilot programs in Brazil. There are bills before Congress, as well as before the legislators in four states of America. The Australian Senate Select Committee on Work and Care has recommended that Australia look at some sort of four-day week pilot."

"At the rate this movement is growing, the reduced-hour approach to work will become mainstream policy within the next five years.

"We should all be proud that what started as a trial at a single company in 2018 has become a movement that is changing the world."

However, he said New Zealand's uptake had been disappointing.

"The silence from all parties in New Zealand has been deafening, which is slightly disappointing, given the global campaign started right here."

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