14 Jan 2023

Home childcare organisation Porse has nine licences temporarily suspended

3:15 pm on 14 January 2023
School playground

The Ministry of Education has temporarily suspended the licences of three Porse carers in Christchurch and six in Auckland. Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

A home childcare organisation has had nine licences temporarily suspended after complaints about carers breaking the rules, but it claims it's the victim of malicious intent from a former staff member.

Porse is an umbrella brand for at-home childcare workers who care for children in their own homes.

The Ministry of Education administers the licences.

Acting leader of operations and integration Helen Hurst said it followed up the complaints and found Porse in breach, though the ministry was not saying which rules had been broken.

Three licences in Christchurch and six in Auckland have been suspended, and Porse has been given time to respond.

Porse said it has been the victim of malicious intent from a former staff member.

Managing director Rrahul Dosshi said the complaints concerned staffing levels.

A resignation left them short, and because Porse was unable to replace the worker immediately, it breached minimum staffing regulations.

Dosshi says Porse was operating as normal while the process is worked through, and no families were affected.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that, depending on individual contracts, childcare workers may continue to operate while suspended.

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