28 May 2021

Covid-19 update: No new cases in NZ today

2:38 pm on 28 May 2021

No new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in New Zealand's managed isolation and quarantine facilities today, as health officials continue to track down all the recent arrivals from Melbourne.

A health worker analyzes a PCR test for Covid-19 detection at the laboratory of the University Centre of Health Sciences (CUCS) in Guadalajara, Jalisco state, Mexico, on April 14, 2021. (Photo by ULISES RUIZ / AFP)

A health worker analyzes a PCR test for Covid-19 detection. Photo: AFP

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said there were no community cases. The total number of active cases in New Zealand today is 21 and the total number of confirmed cases is 2314.

Since 1 January 2021, there have been 64 historical cases, out of a total of 498 cases.

It comes after an outbreak in Victoria prompted the Australian state to go into another lockdown, and causing 5000 recent arrivals to New Zealand to go into isolation.

About 500 could not be reached by email and are being followed up with phonecalls and texts.

The email instructed travellers to get a test and self-isolate at home or in the accommodation they are staying in until they have a negative result.

The Ministry of Health said today the variant of Covid-19 being found in Melbourne is the B.1.617.1 variant, first reported in India and considered more infectious than the original variant.

Typical symptoms include:

  • a new or worsening cough
  • fever (at least 38˚C)
  • shortness of breath
  • a sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • and temporary loss of smell.

The Ministry said some people may present with atypical symptoms, which include new onset of:

  • fever
  • diarrhoea
  • headache
  • myalgia (muscle pain)
  • nausea/vomiting
  • or confusion/irritability.

Covid-19 Response Minister announced yesterday the travel pause between New Zealand and Victoria would be extended a further seven days to next Friday.

More to come...

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