26 Jul 2020

Auckland ferry passengers in line for cheaper trips

10:57 am on 26 July 2020

Ferry passengers in Auckland are in line for cheaper trips from today.

A Fullers ferry leaving the Auckland Ferry Terminal

Auckland commuters will now be able to transfer between buses, trains and ferries and pay just once for their entire trip. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Ferry fares are now part of Auckland Transport's integrated fare system.

That means commuters can transfer between buses, trains and ferries and pay just once for their entire trip.

People will still need to tag on and off each bus, train or ferry as usual with their AT Hop card, but the fare for the whole trip will be automatically calculated.

At the moment, ferry passengers who take a bus or train as part of their trip have to pay separate fares for each leg.

Mayor Phil Goff said the change would make it simpler and cheaper to use public transport.

"Encouraging more people to use public transport will help lower carbon emissions and mean that those who do drive experience reduced traffic congestion," he said.

"While the introduction of integrated fares was delayed due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, it's good to see it being rolled out now as more Aucklanders return to using public transport to get around our city."

The integrated fares scheme was originally scheduled to come into effect in the second half of 2021, but the launch was brought forward to April this year.

But the lockdown delayed the technology from being tested. That was able to start once the country moved to alert level 2.

Planning committee chair Chris Darby said a single zone bus or train trip to or from the ferry terminal is now included for AT Hop card users.

"For just the cost of a ferry, you'll be able to hop on the bus to the terminal, take the ferry into town, then bus or train to work, education or whatever in the city centre. Integrated ferry fares mean more affordable travel, more people on ferries, buses and trains, and fewer cars on the road," he said.

Auckland City Councillor and Mayor of Auckland

Chris Darby, left, and Phil Goff Photo: RNZ

Aucklanders will be able to take advantage of the new integrated fare system when travelling on Bayswater, Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Gulf Harbour, Half Moon Bay, Hobsonville Point, Pine Harbour, Stanley Bay, Northcote Point and West Harbour ferry services contracted by AT.

Customers travelling on Devonport and Waiheke Island ferry services will also benefit from these savings when using an AT Hop card for their journey.