7 Jul 2020

Haami Hanara's victim: 'Hand yourself in'

7:14 pm on 7 July 2020

"Hand yourself in. You're not just hurting us, but you're hurting your own family."

Haami Hanara, 14, is accused of the murder of Kelly Donner in Flaxmere in March 2018.

Haami Hanara. Photo: Pool photo

Those are the words of Kelly Donner's former partner, who wants his killer, Haami Hanara to give himself up to police.

Hanara was 14 when he fatally stabbed Donner and remains on the run after escaping a Youth Justice Facility in Auckland over the weekend.

He was serving a sentence of life imprisonment for murder, when he escaped from Korowai Manaaki on Saturday.

Hanara, now 16, escaped with 17-year-old Sean Ratu through a reinforced window before crossing the roof and breaking out through the staff carpark.

It was not until an hour and a half later that staff realised the boys were missing, and after searching the perimeter, alerted police.

Jocelyn Peachey had a child with Kelly Donner in the 1990s and the couple stayed friends after they separated.

"I'm gutted, shattered, my emotions are just all over the place because all my feelings are resurfacing," she said.

"I tried to put them to rest and try and move on in life, but then something like this happens and it just reopens all those old wounds."

Peachey said it was time for Hanara to hand himself in, because he was hurting everyone by evading police, and it was not fair.

She wanted Hanara's family to know that she didn't blame them for his actions.

"Haami was responsible for his actions and his actions alone,"

"I never got a chance to get that out at the time, but I just wanted them to know that."

Also front of mind was how Hanara and Ratu were able to escape

Peachy said she wanted answers from police and Oranga Tamariki.

Oranga Tamariki said it was investigating how the teenagers managed to escape.

It said while neither teenager had broken out of a residence in in the past, Ratu had previously absconded from a community based placement.

Police were continuing to actively search for the pair across multiple districts, and said it was only a matter of time before the pair were found.

They warned neither should be approached.

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