25 May 2020

Arthur Taylor denied access to property where he lived and worked

6:05 pm on 25 May 2020

The High Court has ruled repeat offender Arthur Taylor cannot go back to the house he has called home since his release from prison.

Jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor, who was released on parole yesterday.

Arthur Taylor. Photo: RNZ

Taylor appeared in the High Court at Wellington last week asking for an interim injunction against a decision by Corrections to remove him from the house north of Wellington.

Taylor spent decades behind bars and accumulated more than 150 convictions, many involving dishonesty.

He had been on parole at the property since he left jail last year.

The issue was an order that prevented him from associating with a woman who lived at the address, so Corrections gave him his marching orders.

Taylor wanted to live at the property in the interim and applied to the court to do so.

The High Court rejected that but said Taylor could continue with his judicial review application.

"I expect the respondent (Corrections) to co-operate fully in assisting the applicant (Taylor) to retrieve such of his possessions as remain at the address, and also anticipate that the respondent will continue to attempt to assist the applicant in locating suitable alternative accommodation," Justice Churchman said.

Taylor was staying at a motel paid for by Corrections until Wednesday.

He said he had been given multiple offers of a place to stay.