8 Jan 2020

Unregistered electricians fined in Auckland, Porirua

1:40 pm on 8 January 2020

Two unregistered electricians have been fined thousands of dollars for unauthorised work.

Young electrician at work on switches and sockets of a residential electrical installation.

Photo: 123RF

The sentences delivered at district courts in Auckland and Porirua follow charges laid by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Houmin Zou, a director of electrical shop Airon, was fined $2500 for incorrectly installing heat pumps at an Auckland property without a license. He also sold heat pumps without authorisation.

In Porirua, Alexander Woodhouse installed lights, power points and a water heater without licenses. He was ordered to pay a $1200 fine.

The Electrical Workers Registration Board has urged people to check if their electricians are licensed before getting work done.