14 Dec 2019

Partnership aims to get beneficiaries jobs in screen industry

6:26 pm on 14 December 2019

A partnership between the Ministry for Social Development (MSD) and the West Auckland screen industry is designed to get jobseekers a foot in the door.

movie photography camera

Photo: 123RF

The Minister for Social Development announced the partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, or ATEED to get beneficiaries filling the shortfalls of workers across the screen industry.

Carmel Sepuloni said MSD will fund 20 paid internships in the screen sector to kick-start the career of beneficiaries and people who are disadvantaged in the employment market.

"There are work shortages in the film sector and there are people that would love to get a foot in the door with respect to the film industry here in West Auckland, so what we're doing is we're going to be creating those opportunities so that can happen."

Sepuloni said through the internship programme there could be jobs in hair, makeup, design, security and electrical positions.

"I think for many people the industry has been seen as difficult to get entry into, where many people don't know they are actually crying out for people to take up the jobs that are available, and so this opens those doors, people will get support to actually go into those jobs and so it's a win-win for everyone."

Sepuloni said Auckland's growing screen industry is already boosting the economy, and more big projects are on the way.