15 Nov 2019

Karla Cardno's killer 'remains an undue risk' - Parole Board

4:19 pm on 15 November 2019

The man who raped and murdered a 13-year-old has not sought release from Auckland Prison and will remain in there for at least another 18 months.

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Photo: Unsplash / Matthew Ansley

Paul Dally kidnapped, raped, and tortured Karla Cardno in Lower Hutt in May 1989, and then buried her alive in a shallow grave. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1990.

Appearing before the parole earlier this month, the 58-year-old did not seek parole, and accepted that he has more rehabilitation work to do before he can be released.

The Parole Board said Dally remained an undue risk and could not be released, but noted that he was "proceeding towards reintegration" after he completed a child sex offender treatment programme and a significant amount of psychological counselling.

The board, chaired by Sir Ron Young, said Dally should be moved into self-care - a residential-style house with other flatmates within prison - as a step towards reintegration into society.

The Department of Corrections said self-care units helped with reintegration by easing the transition between prison and the community, by increasing inmates' personal responsibility and self-reliance.

"In the meantime, we agree he remains an undue risk and cannot be released. We will see him again by the end of April 2021," the board decision said.

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