4 Nov 2019

Attack on elderly woman 'doesn't reflect who we are'

7:12 pm on 4 November 2019

Levin residents are staunchly defending the safety of their town despite the horrific attack of a 90-year-old woman in her home.

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The woman opened her door to three teenagers who said they wanted to use the toilet on Saturday afternoon.

Horowhenua Grey Power president Terry Hemmingsen told Morning Report today the bashing of the 90-year-old woman, sadly isn't an isolated incident.

On the streets of Levin today, locals were shocked and dismayed by the attack.

However, cafe owners near the victim's house say their town is safe.

"It doesn't really reflect this town at all... for something like this to happen in the community is not a good thing."

"I think today with social media - things like this get out and they spread quite quickly... but you know it is a good community - doesn't reflect who we are."

Horowhenua Mayor Bernie Wanden believes it was a random attack.

"I don't believe that we are any worse than anywhere else - this is completely out of character for what normally happens in our community," he said.

That's echoed by Dan Geraghty, a spokesperson for Age Concern in Levin.

"Tomorrow, or next week, or six months time it could happen in Napier - sorry Napier, Otago - anywhere... It will occur again, home invasions occur - unfortunately this was a 90-year-old woman," he said.

He said they'll be going door-to-door tomorrow to remind local residents how to keep safe.

Three young women were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery after the attack.

Police Area Commander Sarah Stewart said they're not looking for anyone else.

"We believe the assault on the weekend was an isolated incident and we encourage anyone who feels unsafe anytime to contact police immediately," she said.

The elderly victim remains in hospital in a stable condition.

The three young women who were charged with aggravated robbery appeared in the Levin District Court this afternoon.

They've been remanded on bail and will reappear in the Levin Youth Court on 12 November.