11 Oct 2019

Diet coffee product contains prescription medicine and controlled drug

3:37 pm on 11 October 2019

Medsafe is warning people about consuming a product being marketed for weight loss, which testing showed contains a prescription medicine and a controlled drug.

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Photo: Pixabay

The product is Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee, which comes in sachets and powder.

Medsafe said the product claims to improve mood and focus, regulate blood sugar and boost circulation.

It has no reliable information about how many people have taken the product.

Medsafe's testing found it contained the prescription medicine methylhexanamine (DMAA), and also phenethylamine, a controlled drug.

Medsafe said it has seized the stock of one supplier, however, there are expected to be other suppliers importing and distributing the product.

It said consumers should not consume the product or should return it to the supplier or dispose of it safely.

Anyone who feels unwell when taking the product should seek medical advice.