8 Oct 2019

Police pay compensation over woman's unlawful arrest

3:02 pm on 8 October 2019

Police arrested a woman in Wellington in the mistaken belief she had sent abusive text messages.

They have paid the woman compensation after they unlawfully arrested and detained her.

Two officers arrested and held her for an unrevealed amount of time, thinking she had sent the abusive text messages.

An investigation found that the woman did not send them, and that even at the time of her arrest there was not enough evidence to arrest her.

It also found the arresting officer failed to inform her as early as possible that the charge would be withdrawn.

Police apologised to the woman and paid her compensation, the amount of which was not revealed.

The actions of the two officers were dealt with as a confidential employment matter. The outcome was not made public.

Police refused to provide any more information due to privacy reasons, including how long she was unlawfully detained or how much money she was paid.

Police, who investigated this matter, did not make information about the case public.

It was released by the Independent Police Conduct Authority who oversaw the investigation and agreed with the outcome.