26 Aug 2019

French Polynesian mayor has case sent back to Tahiti

3:33 pm on 26 August 2019

A high-profile French Polynesian mayor, Cyril Tetuanui, has been back in the court of appeal after France's highest court sent his case back to Tahiti.

Cyril Tetuanui, mayor of Tumaraa in French Polynesia

Cyril Tetuanui, mayor of Tumaraa in French Polynesia Photo: AFP

He is being tried for the alleged inappropriate use of his office for business dealings from which he is accused of benefitting financially.

The appeal court will release its verdict on 3 October.

Mr Tetuanui, who is the mayor of Tumara'a on the island of Raiatea, is also the president of the organisation promoting French Polynesia's local councils.

Six years ago, he was declared ineligible for public office for a year, but the sentence lapsed because for a year the relevant French court document wasn't sent from the court in Papeete to the French High Commission in Papeete to make it official.