NZ to talk to Ukraine after accused mosque shooter's manifesto sold

2:01 pm on 22 August 2019

New Zealand will raise its concerns directly with Ukrainian authorities after it was revealed that printed copies of the manifesto penned by the accused Christchurch gunman are being sold online.

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Photo: Recep Sakar/ Anadolu Agency/ AFP

The document has been republished as a paperback and is being sold through an online messaging app channel run by a neo-Nazi in Ukraine.

The Islamic Women's Council has called on the government to ask Ukrainian authorities to find those involved and shut down any far-right platforms.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday condemned the sale of the manifesto as "abhorrent and disgusting" and this morning told reporters she would direct the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make contact.

"It's abhorrent, but we only have the ability to control what occurs within our jurisdiction," she said.

"But I would have no hesitation sharing New Zealand's view with the Ukraine."

Ms Ardern did however stress that some countries' laws were not equipped to deal with certain online activity.

Islamic Women's Council acting head Anjum Rahman yesterday told RNZ the manifesto's spread was dangerous, and pointed to several mass shootings in the United States that had referenced the 15 March attacks.

"It's extremely disturbing," she said.

"The importance of dealing with this is very very high. We can't as a nation deal with this on our own."

Chief Censor David Shanks classified the manifesto as "objectionable" in March, meaning it's illegal to distribute or even possess a copy in New Zealand.