9 Jul 2019

Civil Aviation Authority accepts support offer

10:06 am on 9 July 2019

The New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association (NZALP) says the Civil Aviation Authority has accepted its offer of support after it being accused of failing as a regulator.

Concerns have recently been raised by whistleblowers about a toxic work culture, high staff turnover rate and people being too scared to speak out against the authority.

The association's president, Andrew Ridling, said at a meeting with the authority and the minister of transport today, the two organisations agreed to work together to fix problems at the authority.

Mr Ridling said pilots wanted to offer their skills and resources, because the authority was struggling to keep up with the pace of change needed to be an effective regulator.

The Transport Minister Phil Twford said he appreciated the pilots' "constructive offer to work together with the CAA on some of the big challenges facing the industry".

"It's great they are willing to bring that expertise to the table," Mr Twyford said.

"Public agencies like the CAA must always be open to constructive criticism and constantly looking to improve their performance. Our Government takes safety very seriously, and the Ministry of Transport is continually reporting to me on the CAA's regulatory performance," he said.

Civil Aviation director Graeme Harris said the meeting was constructive.

"We agreed to work together more in the future with a focus on constructive collaboration to enhance aviation sector safety performance.

"Our joint efforts will initially be focused on improving safety performance in the non-passenger helicopter sector, where improvement is required."