17 Jun 2019

Tourism New Zealand to use home videos to showcase country

4:01 pm on 17 June 2019

New Zealanders are invited to create promotional home videos for what Tourism New Zealand is calling its biggest campaign yet.

The campaign aims to create 'good morning world' videos to showcase the country's welcoming people and culture over 366 days.

The $3 million campaign is the latest evolution of 100% Pure New Zealand, which has been used to promote the country for the past 20 years.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall said the campaign was aimed to help attract visitors to the regions and in the off-peak season.

"User generated content is a really powerful way of capturing authentic stories, it's a way of really bringing to life New Zealanders in their favourite spots and offering them the opportunity to invite the world to come and experience that with them," Mr England-Hall said.

"Think everyday locations, your local café, your dog walking spot, your favourite beach or even your local pie shop - we want to capture classic Kiwi life and what makes it so special."

The campaign will include a mix of professionally shot and produced content and home videos, which are then shared onto social media.

He expected some people would upload videos that were not suitable or appropriate, but said there was a team to choose which videos to promote.

"If we're half as successful as we'd like to be then people will no doubt create a few memes and there will probably the occasional oddball piece of content that's produced," Mr England-Hall said.

"We want to make sure that we look after 100% Pure New Zealand and New Zealand's international brand and reputation. Although people can go and shoot their own content and put it up there and tag it, the stuff that gets amplified and shared through our channels will definitely be appropriately checked."

There were no paid actors, only authentic New Zealanders in the videos, he said.

The campaign was targeted towards high-value visitors who were more likely to stay longer, travel to more regions and spend more, Mr England-Hall said.

The 100% Pure Welcome was the next phase in the successful marketing brand, he said.

"The origins of that came from three founding principles: we're incredibly warm and inclusive people, beautiful epic landscapes and amazing things to do ... that's exactly what we promise the world and that's exactly what we deliver them when they come.

"Those three elements still exist in spades and when you put them together, they really are a differentiating proposition for New Zealand."

Hundreds of pieces of short video had been created for social media rather than longer film, he said.

The success of the campaign will be monitored in a couple of different ways, including checking website traffic, social media, engagement rates and conducting surveys.

"We'll be able to measure things like brand preference shift so is New Zealand's preference as a destination increased or decreased over the campaign period."

The targets for Tourism New Zealand was for spending to grow faster than arrivals, regions to get more tourist dollars, more visitors to arrive off peak, New Zealanders to continue to support tourism, visitors to have a great experience and for the country's brand to continue to improve, Mr England-Hall said.

"Our goal is to make sure that we make New Zealand a better place for Kiwis and that's something that we have to measure over time."

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