Auckland golf resort unlawfully discharges sewage

7:59 pm on 7 June 2019

Auckland Council has issued a golf resort with Insanitary Building Notices for unlawful discharging of sewage.

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The Formosa Golf Resort, located at Auckland's eastern suburb of Beachlands, is now unable to discharge any waste from their facilities, including toilets, the restaurant and the laundry.

The council inspected the resort last week and found its waste water treatment plant was not working.

Four Insanitary Building Notices have been issued afterwards in relation to the resort's club house, sports complex, laundry and all villas, according to Kerri Fergusson, compliance investigations team manager at Auckland Council.

"The notice advises the property owners have 30 days to remedy the problems and advises them to seek assistance from engineers and other suitable contractors to assist them with fixing the problems to council's satisfaction."

Ms Fergusson said abatement notices had been issued to the business earlier this year in respect to the discharging of sewage, but it had not been complying.

RNZ has approached the resort for comment.