30 May 2019

Two Auckland school children hit on pedestrian crossing hospitalised

2:42 pm on 30 May 2019

An Auckland school is urging drivers to slow down around schools, after two children were hit by a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing this morning.

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Photo: 123rf.com

Emergency services were called to the scene after 8am on Sandringham Road near Kingsland Station.

Both children attend Kōwhai Intermediate and were taken to Auckland Hospital, one is in a serious condition and the other is in a moderate condition.

One of the children had been discharged and the other was in a stable condition.

The school's board of trustees chair, Wade Gillooly, said the children were crossing on a green man at a designated pedestrian crossing, when a vehicle travelled through the crossing and hit two children.

He said the school is devastated by the accident.

"It's a really tragic situation, devastating for both the kids directly impacted and the kids who witnessed it so we're wrapping support around the families and children at the moment. Our thoughts and prayers are with the two children who were directly impacted," Mr Gillooly said.

"Just a message to people driving in Auckland and other cities in New Zealand, take note that you should slow down, observe the road rules and look after our kids."

Mr Gillooly said Sandringham Road is busy and the children know to cross at designated pedestrian crossings. He would like drivers restricted to speeds of 40 kilometres an hour near Kōwhai Intermediate.