3 May 2019

Nurse censured, suspended after selling elderly man's possessions

3:23 pm on 3 May 2019

A Christchurch nurse who sold an elderly hoarder's possessions on TradeMe has been censured, suspended and ordered to repay thousands of dollars to his former patient.

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Johan Peter van der Meer sold items belonging to his former patient without permission. Photo: 123RF

Johan Peter van der Meer admits he only had explicit permission to sell about half the items, which included scrap metal, vehicle parts, vehicles and engineering tools.

His ex-patient, a 79-year-old engineer, only noticed items had gone missing from his workshop after coming out of hospital in June 2016.

Mr van der Meer told him he thought there had been a burglary, but the man's friends then found the items for sale online.

Mr van der Meer said he was trying to help an old man in need.

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal suspended him for three months and ordered him to work under supervision for two years after that.

He agreed to repay the patient another $3500 and contribute towards the tribunal's costs.