1 May 2019

Kiwi-run Facebook page admin: 'The first rule of the group is to keep children off live'

4:05 pm on 1 May 2019

The administrators of a Facebook page criticised for encouraging its followers to livestream say they do everything in their power to stop harmful content being shared.

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Netsafe has received several complaints about the social media page administered by New Zealanders and with more than 16,000 followers.

Many say they have seen extremely harmful content on the page - which RNZ has chosen not to name - including physical abuse, drink-driving, and parents giving alcohol to their young children.

However, admin Dallas Simi said the page had strict rules.

"The first rule of the group is to keep children off live. It is sad that parents need reminding from a drinking group but unfortunately it takes them going viral to see what everyone else sees.

"If the rules aren't being respected, these members are then blocked and removed permanently."

He said the page was like a community, and gave people a space to connect with others.

"People who want to show who they're drinking with, what they're drinking and where they are for some reason. And there's those who don't even talk to their viewers but just want to be watched.

"Overall, I think people go live to share ideas, make friends, build a fan base, get wasted, have a break from the real world, be fun and feel confident."

One Facebook user told RNZ he found the page through a friend, and said what he saw there shocked him.

"I just started to see all this crazy stuff. Underage kids were drinking on school days, people driving drunk and just the same people every day on there drinking and then I just started seeing kids on there in the background while their parents were going live.

"There was a mother who was giving her kid, who was about two... a sip of her 7 percent can of vodka."

Police would not say if the page is on their radar, but have urged anyone with concerns about possible illegal activity to let them know.