Prince Charles pays tribute to mosque attack survivor

5:52 pm on 20 April 2019

Prince Charles has paid tribute to one of the survivors of the Christchurch mosque attacks in his Easter message.

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Prince Charles described Farid Ahmed as "a shining example to us all". Photo: AFP

Published in Britain's Telegraph newspaper, the Prince of Wales pointed to Farid Ahmed - whose wife was among the 50 dead - as a remarkable example of forgiveness.

Mr Ahmed said he wanted a heart full of care and mercy, so he chose to love and forgive the gunman.

"He is a shining example to us all," Prince Charles wrote.

"It is all too easy at this time, I know, to feel overwhelmed by the darkness, and by all that is going on in the world. It is truly devastating to know of the numbers of people of all faiths around the world who are suffering simply because of their religion."

Mosque attack survivor Farid Ahmed at the national remembrance service in Christchurch.

Farid Ahmed told the crowd at the Hagley Park remembrance service in Christchurch last month that he had forgiven the gunman who killed his wife. Photo: RNZ/Israa Emhail

Prince Charles urged people to look for good in even the darkest situations.

"The Easter message, with its emphasis on the timeless and universal values of forgiveness and reconciliation, gives hope to us all whether we live by faith or not. It encourages us to look for and to celebrate those moments in our own lives and in our own communities when we see the light overcoming the darkness," he said.