28 Mar 2019

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Christchurch: 'There is much work to do'

3:23 pm on 28 March 2019

The government intends to introduce legislation next week to prohibit the purchasing of military-style guns, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

Jacinda Ardern has addressed media from the Justice Precinct in Christchurch on plans for tomorrow's National Day of Remembrance and the week ahead.

Watch Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's press conference here:

Ms Ardern last week announced widespread changes to gun laws, banning all military-style weapons, assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and parts that could turn a weapon into a military-style weapon.

She said today that the legislation will be introduced next week.

She has also confirmed she will be joined at tomorrow's service by a significant delegation from Australia, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Bill Shorten. There will then be a bilateral meeting with Mr Morrison following the event.

She said in the wake of the attacks, there was "much work to do".

"New Zealand is now on the beginning of a journey. We have never been free of racism. We have never been free of violent ideology. But our overriding values are ones of fairness, compassion and diversity.

"Government is not the only one to ensure these values are upheld, but we do have a leadership role in this space."

"I don't have all the answers now, but I am committed to finding them."

She said the government intended to introduce legislation to prohibit the purchasing of military style guns next week.

Speaking about Facebook's decision to ban white supremacist speech, she said: "arguably these categories should have all fallen within their guidelines of hate speech".

"I do believe New Zealand has a role to play in this debate.

"These platforms are global and therefore I believe the solutions will need to be too."