8 Mar 2019

Councillors call on Goff to reverse speedway decision

4:34 pm on 8 March 2019

Two Auckland councillors are calling on the mayor to step in and have the Western Springs speedway lease decision reversed.

Western Springs Speedway 2018.

Western Springs Speedway 2018. Photo: Photosport

The lease on Western Springs Park ends on 16 March, but the council has not found it a new home.

A speedway organiser has written an emotional open letter to mayor Phil Goff asking him to sort out the situation.

Councillors John Watson and Wayne Walker have now penned their own letter to the mayor, calling on Mr Goff to step in and take over the body that manages the park for the council, Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA)

"He has to step in and direct RFA to revoke that eviction notice and to assert some control over a [council-controlled organisation] that in my view is out of control," said Mr Watson.

Mr Watson said he had no confidence in the RFA's ability to manage stadiums.

"I was absolutely appalled because this announcement came in advance of any decision by Auckland Council," he said.

"Auckland Council is currently considering what is happening with the stadium and the codes and has made no decision."

RFA has previously told RNZ that speedway organisers knew the end of the lease was coming.

Spokesman Paul Nisbet said the RFA had acted in good faith since 2012 and had done everything it can in working with organisers.

In a statement, Phil Goff asked people to step back and think realistically about the most sensible option for speedway.

RFA, the council and speedway organisers are meeting next Wednesday.