7 Mar 2019

Kermadec quake cluster doesn't mean large shake coming - GeoNet

2:52 pm on 7 March 2019

Ten earthquakes measuring more than magnitude 4.9 have been recorded in the Kermadec region north of New Zealand in the past 24 hours.

The largest was a magnitude 6.4 quake.

GeoNet said it has been monitoring what it calls an active sequence in the region.

The quakes have been largely unfelt and have not posed a threat to New Zealand.

It said the sequence was considered to be heightened activity for the region, and was not uncommon and did not mean there was a bigger quake coming.

"There is an active plate boundary in this region (extending up from the Hikurangi Subduction Zone in [New Zealand] up towards Tonga), that has the potential to cause earthquakes large enough to produce tsunami."

GeoNet warned large earthquakes could occur at any time in seismically-active zones.