14 Feb 2019

Auckland motorway chaos: Truck on fire caused delays

10:03 am on 14 February 2019

A truck on fire earlier this morning caused delays on the Southern Motorway in Auckland.

NZTA said a blazing cement truck was causing delays on the motorway. The fire has now been put out.

The scene had been active for over an hour and southbound traffic from the Northwestern Motorway and the Northern Motorway was getting heavy. Congestion at Spaghetti Junction was also building up.

Police said the southbound lane was blocked and traffic was being diverted to Southwestern Motorway.

Emergency services were called shortly after 6.30am and were attending the scene by the southbound off-ramp to Market Rd.

Fire and Emergency said there were no reports of injuries. It is unclear how the truck caught fire, police said.

A crash on the Southwestern Motorway was also causing delays with a southbound lane blocked after Massey Rd.

In the opposite direction, motorists in the citybound lanes on the same motorway were expecting delays due to a multi-vehicle crash, involving 10 vehicles, just before the Mt Wellington exit. The crash happened around 6.22am.

Although the crash is now cleared motorists are being urged to use the SH20 via the Waterview Tunnel as congestion is now tailing back to Manurewa.