Household chemical disposal guidelines issued

1:04 pm on 2 February 2019

Consumer New Zealand has released a national guide on how to dispose of toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive household chemicals.

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It has found more than 10 percent of councils do not have any way for residents to get rid of hazardous waste, including old cleaning products and weedkillers.

Consumer New Zealand's nationwide guide advises people how to safely get rid of hazardous household waste.

But when it surveyed 67 of New Zealand's 78 councils, it found 18 of them - or 12 percent - had no disposal options.

Its chief executive Sue Chetwin said councils needed to do more.

Ms Chetwin said these substances should not be thrown out with the household rubbish because of the risk they pose to human and environmental health.

Consumer NZ said where no options were available, councils suggest people drive to the nearest region with a plan for chemical waste, which has an impact on the ratepayers who fund disposal programmes.

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