21 Jan 2019

Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang seriously injured in New Zealand

1:09 pm on 21 January 2019

A Singaporean actor has been seriously injured while taking part in a military exercise in New Zealand.

Singaporean actor Aloysius Pangtion was injured at the Waiouru Training Area.

Singaporean actor Aloysius Pangtion was injured at the Waiouru Training Area. Photo: Facebook / NoonTalk.Aloysius

In a statement, Singapore's Ministry of Defence said Pang Wei Chong, also known as Aloysius Pang, was injured while carrying out repair works to a self-propelled Howitzer on Saturday.

The Singapore Armed Forces had been taking part in an exercise at Waiouru Training Area in the central North Island.

Pang Wei Chong has starred in a number of Singaporean films and television series, and is also serving in the defence force as a reservist.

"At 1650hrs [Singapore time], he was heli-evacuated to Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand," the ministry wrote.

"[Corporal First Class (National Service)] Pang was conscious throughout the evacuation and arrived at the hospital at 1800hrs where he underwent surgery, which was completed at 2340hrs. He is now being monitored in the high dependency unit.

A New Zealand Defence Force spokesperson confirmed the injury happened during Exercise Thunder Warrior - a live-firing exercise it hosts each year but does not participate in.

"Any further enquiries should be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces," they said.

Mr Pang's management, NoonTalk Media, has told followers on social media it is in close contact with the Defence Ministry.

"We have just received a not too pleasant news this morning. Our NoonTalk Media artiste Aloysius who is currently on reservist in New Zealand has met with an accident while participating in an exercise. Aloysius's mum is currently travelling to New Zealand and NoonTalk Media is also in close communication with MINDEF."

"We'd like to express our thanks to all friends, colleagues, media partners and the public for your care and concern for Aloysius."