12 Jan 2019

Demonstrators briefly stop Whangārei rodeo

12:19 pm on 12 January 2019

Demonstrators briefly stopped a rodeo in Whangārei this morning when they refused to stop filming it.

About 50 people are protesting outside the Warkwarth rodeo.

A boycott at a Warkworth rodeo. Photo: RNZ / Paloma Mignone

The event was halted for a couple of minutes while half a dozen protestors were asked to put away their cameras.

Dianne Bradshaw from Mid-Northern Rodeo said the club has a no-cameras policy and this is a condition of entry.

She said when about six people entered the grounds and began filming, they were asked to stop - but failed to do so.

The rodeo was then halted for a short time while organisers negotiated with them to comply.

The protestors relented but Apollo Taito from the Anti-rodeo group Direct Animal Action is accusing the rodeo of censoring the truth with its camera ban.

But Ms Bradshaw said it has had this policy for some time and that the animals at today's event are not being mistreated.

She said if the people had to be asked again to stop filming - they would be evicted from the grounds.

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