1 Jan 2019

Protest against Warkworth rodeo after bull's death

7:44 pm on 1 January 2019

Several dozen people against rodeos protested outside the Warkworth rodeo today, following the death of a bull last week.

Animal rights protesters outside the Warkworth Rodeo.

Animal rights protesters outside the Warkworth Rodeo. Photo: Supplied

The bull was euthanized at a Gisborne rodeo after dislocating its leg.

Direct Animal Action's spokesperson Apollo Taito said the group wanted to see clear action taken against rodeos.

"We're quite confident that if we see the worst aspects of rodeo removed, it pretty much will be the end of rodeos in New Zelaland, because they're quite dependent on those aspects of causing distress and terror on animals."

He said tail twisting, rope-burning, flank-straps, the use of animals under 12 months and electric shocking needed to be banned.

Mr Taito said Direct Animal Action has had enough of needless deaths at rodeos.